The developers’ plan for Penn Station
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Learn What’s Wrong With the Developers’ Plan.

First, the Architecture.

The original Penn Station was grand and inspiring, an architectural masterpiece that stood as a gateway to the city, with soaring ceilings and sun pouring in through iron and glass. The developers’ plan is little more than patches and paint, an uninspiring remodel that dismisses the opportunity for something great.

Second, the Plan Is Not Functional

One of the existing problems with Madison Square Garden is the maze of tunnels, exits and entrances in and out of the arena. Performers and acts have a difficult time loading in and out, and attendees must traverse a labyrinth to and from their seats. The developers’ plan doesn’t fix the problem. In fact, it might make it worse. Notice the truck on the sidewalk?

Third, the Plan Disregards the Neighborhood’s Quality of Life

New York City doesn’t need another skyscraper office building, all glass and no green. What we need – and what we have an unmistakable once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to do – is create a beautiful, usable green space that brings life to the neighborhood.

New Yorkers do not need to accept today’s
problems for the next 50 to 60 years.

We Are New York. We Deserve Better.

A Sketch of Grand Penn Community Alliance’s Vision for Penn Station and the Public Space
Grand Penn Community Alliance logo

Grand Penn Community Alliance Believes that New York Deserves

The Best Train Station, Public Space & Arena

First, Build a Glorious Station

Rebuild the original Penn Station – not a replica, but a glorious structure that embraces the aesthetic and feel of the old station but incorporates all that we’ve learned in the decades since. The bones are there for something beautiful and functional that can serve as the center of a new mixed-use neighborhood.

Like Bryant Park or the High Line, a new Penn Station would be a magnet for businesses and residents. Developers will follow. Tax revenue will increase. We can all agree – Manhattan doesn’t need a nest of massive new skyscrapers right now.

Next, Include a Beautiful Green Public Space

Trains are only the beginning. This is not just a station but should be a gorgeous public space that draws New Yorkers from all walks of life to contemplate and enjoy, including food halls, shopping, and indoor park space. The possibility exists to connect with the nearby High Line and incorporate flowering plant life, both inside and out.

Last and Certainly Not Least, Move MSG and Build a 21st-Century Arena

We moved Yankee Stadium across the street, same with Shea Stadium. Why not Madison Square Garden? Imagine a gorgeous new replacement in tune with the new station. New Yorkers deserve both a world-class train station and a world-class sports arena and music venue.

MSG is now the oldest arena in the Northeast. Moving it adjacent to the station would make it just as convenient for attendees to get home but would make getting in or out easier for fans and performers alike.

When New Yorkers Decide to Do
Something, We Can Do It.

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